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  • “Our students use SAT Method to prepare for every aspect of the SAT. SAT Method allows students to know what to expect as a score on the actual test. We’ve consistently seen student’s actual SAT scores within 20 points of the full length practice test available on SAT Method.”

    Gina Williams
    Career Center Technician
    Pleasant Grove High School
    9531 Bond Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624

  • “Our school was impressed with the quality of Method Test Prep’s SAT program and their customer service with implementing a new service that we added their new ACT method program. The students have made the programs part of their weekly routine and have felt much more prepared for the test because of it. The curriculum and options available with Method Test Prep offer our students a wonderful variety of test preparation of excellent quality.”

    Ryan Aldrich College Counselor
    970- 477-7166
    Vail Mountain School

  • “We’ve been using the Method Test Prep online SAT prep course almost daily at Laguna Creek High School. I like everything on the site. In my 9 week SAT prep class there was an average score gain of +76 points for the Reading section and a +57 pt. average score gain for the Writing section.”

    Steve Bryant
    English Teacher
    Laguna Creek High School

  • “I use SAT Method weekly with my students. They must log on and complete at least one lesson or one test. Others in my department devote one day a month to test prep. I find the weekly works better at increasing scores. My students were quite joyful over their improvement. Parents love it. At Open House, they thanked me for making it a requirement of my course, particularly after the scores improved. Registering is quite easy and the students have no problem logging in and completing the assignments. I think you have a marvelous product; it's easy for the teacher to monitor and it's great for the students!”

    Drusilla Laughman
    English Dept. Chair
    Tamaqua Area High School

  • How do you use Method Test Prep at Clinton High School? “We tell the kids to access it at home and we also take the classes to the computer labs to practice there.”

    What feedback have you received from teachers, parents, and students about Method Test Prep? “The kids have responded and said that they believe the extra practice really has improved their test scores.”

    Was the enrollment process with Method Test Prep easy? “Yes, it was very easy.”

    Does Method Test Prep provide good customer service? “Yes they do.”

    Janyce Sheehan
    English Department Chair
    Clinton High School
    150 School Street
    Clinton, MA 01510

  • “Method Test Prep gets results. Students enjoy using the program because they can tell that the course is going to help them raise their scores.”

    Barbara Trimarco
    Director of College Counseling
    St. Anthony’s High School
    Huntington, NY

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